A Message from State University System Chancellor

Marshall Criser III

Think Florida™

Dear Stakeholder,

Thank you for your decision to invest in Florida. As your company seeks talent, professional or subject matter resources, or new customers, I hope you will find the State University System an excellent asset for your needs. The State University System of Florida consists of 12 public universities, each with its own distinct mission. As the second largest State University System in the country, we have 405,000 students in the pipeline as potential talent for your business.  We boast more than 1,800 programs and have been intentional about growing degrees in high-demand areas, already closing in on the goal initially set for 2025.

As we continue to strengthen our State University System, the private sector will be a critical part of that success. That’s why we are focused on listening to the companies that hire our graduates, tracking our recent alumni, and using that information to ensure we’re preparing our students for the jobs in this fast-changing economy.  We have enhanced our focus on research collaborations, working together to solve some of science’s big questions in topics from transportation to global health. And we are engaging in a variety of innovative partnerships that have resulted in tailored curriculum for our students as well as shared facilities and faculty. 

We look forward to hearing about the needs of your business and to working closely together.

Chancellor Marshall Criser III

Marshall Criser III
State University System Chancellor

The State University System of Florida leverages its distinctive strengths for the benefit of all the state’s citizens and business enterprises. Think Florida.

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